Clinical Services

The Meltzer Center provides "evidence based" assessments and interventions for a range of psychological issues. This means that we use the most effective approaches to assessment and treatment based on the integration of the best scientific evidence available, clinical judgment, and taking into account the client's culture and preferences. View the APA Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology for more information.


The Meltzer Center provides assessment services to children, adolescents, and adults. We offer intellectual, psycho-educational, or comprehensive (psycho-educational and personality) assessments for a variety of client needs, including evaluations for diagnostic purposes. Additionally, we offer a limited number of slots for admissions testing for Washington, DC area independent schools. Our clinicians might also tailor assessments to help the client best understand your current difficulties and situation. We provide written feedback to you in the form of a report and, with your consent, can submit them to outside parties.


The Meltzer Center offers individual, couples, family and group therapy services for children, adolescents, and adults.

Child and adolescent therapy services

At the Meltzer Center, we target a wide range of life difficulties and issues, including depression, anxiety, grief, disruptive behaviors, acting out behaviors, school and peer related problems, and self-esteem and identity issues. Meltzer also serves children and adolescents who are adjusting to a variety of personal, life, and family stressors (for example, divorce, adoption, single parent family, remarriage).

Adult therapy services

Adult therapy services offered at the Meltzer Center target emotional, interpersonal, and behavioral difficulties such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, bereavement (grief), social interaction difficulties, ethnic and cultural concerns, self-doubt and poor self-esteem, career problems, and sexual identity and orientation concerns. Psychological services are also provided for adjustment problems secondary to life changes that arise after divorce, relocation, job loss and other traumatic experiences.

Our clinicians approach therapy using techniques from various evidence-based interventions (for example, cognitive behavioral therapy).

Please note that the Center is not able to provide medications or any form of medical care, but will provide referrals for such services if needed.


Clinical services are strictly confidential. No information is released without the written consent of the client (or the client's parent or guardian in the case of children), except in cases where the client is an immediate risk to him or herself or others, or is the victim of child abuse or elder abuse.

Client Forms

Scheduling an Appointment

Interested persons are encouraged to call the Meltzer Center (202-994-9072) to request services or inquire about their availability or suitability. A telephone interview will be conducted to determine whether a caller's needs match services the clinic provides.

During this initial telephone screening interview, the potential client will be asked a set of standard questions about demographic and contact information, as well as prior history of mental illness and goals for obtaining therapy or assessment services. The interviewer staff clinician will also explain Meltzer Center policies and services, and answer any questions the caller has.

If the caller's needs are not able to be met through services available at the Center, referral information for other agencies or mental health practitioners will be provided. Please note that the Center is not able to provide medications or any form of medical care, and it does not bill insurance.

If it appears that the Meltzer Center may be able to offer services, the caller will be assigned to a clinician for an intake appointment. Please note that due to the high demand for therapy and assessment services, there may be a waiting list.

What to Expect


Fees are due at time of service by cash, check, or money order only. We do not bill insurance. Quotes are available over the phone. Although we do not work directly with Medicare or any insurance carriers, we can provide you the documentation you need to submit in order to try to obtain reimbursement.