Concentrations in the Psychology Major

Psychology majors may choose to focus their studies in these concentrations:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Minor in Mind-Brain Studies

Students may concurrently major in Psychology with honors and with a concentration in a particular area of Psychology or a minor in Mind-Brain Studies. Information about concentrations in Psychology is available in the Psychology Department Concentrations. Individual courses may be counted as concurrently fulfilling the requirements for the honors degree and the concentration or Mind-Brain Studies minor.

To pursue any of these options, please submit an application to the main office of the Psychology Department. Application forms are available in the lobby of the Psychology Department.


Minor in Mind-Brain Studies

Researchers seeking to understand relationships between mind and brain are increasingly turning to methods and theoretical perspectives from a broad range of disciplines, including psychology, biology, computer science, economics, anthropology, philosophy, and linguistics. This new, multidisciplinary new field of study has already yielded exciting discoveries and more are anticipated in the future. The undergraduate minor in Mind-Brain Studies provides an ideal means whereby students majoring in Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychology, and Speech & Hearing can augment their curricula to participate in this new field at the cutting edge of mind-brain research.

For more information and specific course requirements, please view the Undergraduate Minor in Mind-Brain Studies.

Professor Guanying Wu's research featured by CCAS

Dr. Guangying Wu and his research team are using laser technology to study communication in mice and uncover mechanisms underlying some of schizophrenia's most vexing symptoms, such as auditory hallucinations.  Read more details of Dr. Wu's work in CCAS News.