Honors Program

The Honors Program in Psychology provides additional opportunities for specialized and advanced study in Psychology.

To enroll in the Psychology Honors Program

Submit an application and unofficial transcript (with your name on it) to the front desk of the Psychology Department.

Applicants will be notified upon acceptance into the program. No notification will be given if not accepted.

Eligibility Requirements for Special Honors in Psychology

  1. Complete the requirements for a psychology major
  2. Fulfill the general requirements for "Special Honors" in the GWU Undergraduate Bulletin
  3. Submit an honors application to the Psychology Department before the beginning of the student's senior year.
  4. Complete the Psychology Honors Seminar (PSYC 4197)
  5. Complete an 8000-level seminar.
  6. Complete an independent study project (PSYC 4191 or 4198) with distinction.
  7. Maintain a grade-point average in GWU psychology courses of 3.5 and an overall GWU GPA of 3.0.

Note: The requirements for enrollment must be maintained through graduation.

Questions? Contact the Director of the Honors Program, Dr. Philip Moore.