The Meltzer Center staff includes the Meltzer Center Director Risa Broudy, Ph.D., the Director of Clinical Training Mimi Le, Ph.D., and the Meltzer Advisory Board which is composed of graduate students and faculty in the Clinical program, the Meltzer Director, and the Meltzer Student Director.

The clinicians on staff are students in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Training Program working under the supervision of licensed clinical psychologists.

The Meltzer support staff includes the Meltzer Student Director and the Meltzer Interns. 

The Meltzer student director, Makiko Watanabe, oversees administrative duties to ensure the center runs smoothly and provides supervision and support to student clinicians in the center.

Makiko Watanabe


The Meltzer interns, Linsey Mathew (top) & Alexis Franklin (bottom), are BA-level students who largely have an administrative role in the center.  They complete phone screenings and help with research initiatives and data collection. 

Linsey MathewAlexis Franklin




Dr. Risa Broudy

Meet the Meltzer Center Director

Risa Broudy has directed the Meltzer Center and overseen in-house clinical training for the doctoral students since 2006.  She teaches, supervises, and mentors students, and maintains a private practice of her own.