Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

The Psychology Department encourages undergraduate student involvement in research to complement the coursework for the Psychology major. Interested undergraduate students have the opportunity to work on research projects with graduate students and faculty in the Psychology Department, conduct independent research projects, and present their research at local and national venues. Each year students have the opportunity to showcase their research at the Annual Psychology Department Poster Session.

Research opportunities with GW faculty

Students interested in working as a research assistant with a faculty member in the Department of Psychology should contact the faculty member directly to learn more about current research opportunities. Students may earn credit in Psychology 3591 or 4591 for doing research with a faculty member. Students may enroll in these courses with the approval of the faculty member with whom they intend to do research. A total of 9 credits in these courses can be counted toward graduation. A total of 3 credits can be counted toward the Psychology major.

The Center for Undergraduate Fellowships and Research provides information about ways for GW undergraduates to become involved in research and resources for faculty interested in mentoring undergraduate research.