Lisa Bowleg

Lisa Bowleg

Professor of Applied Social Psychology
2125 G Street, NW Room 206; 1922 F Street, NW Room 413A
Address: Building GG
2125 G St NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20052



Current Research

Dr. Bowleg’s research focuses on: (1) the effects of individual-level and social-structural factors (e.g., unemployment, incarceration, racial discrimination) and resilience on Black men’s HIV sexual risk and protective behaviors; (2) intersectionality; and (3) experiences of stress and resilience in Black, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.  She is the joint-Principal Investigator (PI) with Dr. Anita Raj, UCSD of a 2012 NIH/NIMH-funded RO1 (1 R01 MH096657 – 01) to evaluate MEN Count, a housing and employment case management HIV prevention intervention for Black heterosexual men.

Dr. Bowleg is also the PI of MANHOOD, a 2012 NIH/NIMH-funded R01 (1 R01 HD074451-01) to test a conceptual model of individual and neighborhood-level social-structural stressors and resilience on Black men’s sexual HIV risk and protective behaviors.  REPRESENT, her 2007 NIH/NICHD-funded R01 (1 R01 HD054319-01), examined the effects of masculinity ideologies, sexual scripts and social-structural factors on Black heterosexual men’s sexual risk behaviors.  Dr. Bowleg is a member of the DC Developmental Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) and the Behavioral and Social Consequences of HIV/AIDS Study Section at NIH. She was awarded the 2008 Red Ribbon Award for Research from the Community Advisory Board of the University of Pennsylvania CFAR.  


Ph.D., 1997 The George Washington University


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