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leaders in psychological,
behavioral & brain sciences 

Advancing research, education and health promotion


Who We Are

GW CCAS students inside SEH


Home to one of the George Washington University's most popular majors, the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers a variety of undergraduate and doctoral degree programs. Our faculty members encourage a collaborative teacher-student learning environment full of opportunities for mentorship, research and advancement beyond the classroom.

Students in the department benefit from our Washington, D.C., location, and its proximity to major research institutions and health centers like the National Institutes of Health, Pew Research Center and Children’s Hospital National Medical Center.


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What We Study

Group of students sitting at desks listening to a psychology professor


Undergraduate research and coursework center on mastering the psychological theories and methodologies that explain how humans behave.

two female students on the left engaging in a discussion with two male students and a professor on the right.


Doctoral students specialize in one of three main research areas: applied social psychology, clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience.



Psychological & Brain Sciences by the Numbers

450+ students in the major graphic


350+ students in the minor graphic


$2 Million + Awarded Annually in Research Funding


50 Research Articles Published Annually, on Average, by Faculty



Alumni Testimonials

  • Farzana Saleem, PhD '18, a middle eastern woman wearing a black-white pattern sleeveless top.

    Farzana Saleem

    “I use the research skills that I learned daily at work to carry out my research and mentor students on their own projects.”

    Farzana Saleem 
    PhD ’18
    Ford Foundation

  • Marina Broitman, a black-haired middle-aged woman in a brown sweater

    Marina Broitman

    “The many different clinical opportunities I had at GW gave me a strong appreciation for the importance of access and delivery of mental health care.”

    Marina Broitman
    PhD ’01
    Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

  • Isaiah Pickens, BA '05, a black man in a white tshirt and a gray suit

    Isaiah Pickens

    “The mentorship I received, the opportunities to conduct research and the bonds I created in the lab … gave me the foundation for my career.”

    Isaiah Pickens 
    BA ’05
    National Center for Child Traumatic Stress

  • Nicole Cammack, PhD '11, a black woman with curly hair wearing a white shirt

    Nicole Cammack

    “I am able to use my experiences from the GW program to better conceptualize and provide clinical services to a veteran population from a strengths-based perspective.”

    Nicole Cammack
    PhD ’11
    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Lisa Sugar, BA '98, a white woman with long curly blonde hair sitting on a couch

    Lisa Sugar

    “GW has equipped me to go out into the world. I didn’t study business, but I would encourage anyone to realize that a liberal arts major can also start companies.”

    Lisa Sugar
    BA ’98
    POPSUGAR President and Editor-in-Chief