BS in Psychological & Brain Sciences

Undergraduate students in Dwight Kravitz' Biological Psych 2015 course, January 2019

The Bachelor of Science in Psychological and Brain Sciences teaches students the fundamental theories and methods of the field. Based in the Department of Psychology, the major integrates related subfields of psychology and draws on broad faculty expertise.

The BS program is STEM-based, requiring additional courses in biology and calculus compared to the BA in Psychological and Brain Sciences. The curriculum blends rigorous training in psychological and brain sciences with a practical background that prepares students for admission to medical school, law school and PhD programs as well as a variety of competitive careers.

Students also gain research experience and learn to present compelling scientific arguments in both written and oral form.

Major Outcomes

  • Conceptualize Brain Sciences
    Students will be able to describe and summarize the major fields, concepts, theories and issues in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, and they will think critically about differing perspectives in the discipline.
  • Analyze and Interpret Scientific Conclusions
    Courses teach students to think critically about research studies — whether encountered in academic settings, the media or elsewhere — and identify studies’ strengths and weaknesses in order to draw data-based conclusions.
  • Conduct Research
    In a Research Methods course as well as one advanced research lab of their choice, students learn to design and clearly report a research study. Lab options include cognitive neuroscience, sensation and perception, clinical/community psychology, applied social psychology and developmental psychology. Students with sufficient interest and skill will have opportunities for research projects and external internships.
  • Critically Evaluate Current Issues
    After completing the major, students will be able to critically review, integrate, synthesize and apply theories and research on current issues in psychological and brain sciences.


Declaring a Major

Ready to declare? Download the Declare a Major Form and contact Dr. Gabriela Rosenblau to sign off and meet as needed.


Course Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled:

The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Programs.

The following program-specific requirements:

Introductory natural science (8 credits):
BISC 1111Introductory Biology: Cells and Molecules
BISC 1112Introductory Biology: The Biology of Organisms
Basic analysis (6 credits)
STAT 1127Statistics for the Biological Sciences
MATH 1231Single-Variable Calculus I
Basic computation
One course (3 credits) selected from the following:
CSCI 1012Introduction to Programming with Python
STAT 1129Introduction to Computing
Research methods (3 credits):
PSYC 2101Research Methods in Psychology
Gateway courses
Two courses (6 credits) selected from the following:
PSYC 2011Abnormal Psychology
or PSYC 2011W Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 2012Social Psychology
PSYC 2013Developmental Psychology
One course (3 credits) selected from the following:
PSYC 2014Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 2015Biological Psychology
BISC 2220Developmental Neurobiology
BISC 2320Neural Circuits and Behavior
SLHS 2106Neural Substrates of Speech, Language, and Hearing
Upper-level breadth
One course (3 credits) selected from the following:
PSYC 3112Psychology of Adolescence
PSYC 3115Developmental Psychopathology
PSYC 3125Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYC 3126Multicultural Psychology
or PSYC 3126W Multicultural Psychology
PSYC 3128Health Psychology
PSYC 3132Social and Personality Development
PSYC 3170Clinical Psychology
PSYC 3173Community Psychology
One course (3 credits) selected from the following:
PSYC 3116Brain and Language
PSYC 3118Neuropsychology
PSYC 3119Cognitive Science in the District
PSYC 3120Neuroscience of Consciousness
PSYC 3121Memory and Cognition
PSYC 3122The Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC 3123Neuroscience of Consciousness
PSYC 3124Visual Perception
PSYC 3180Seminar in Cognitive Science
SLHS 3133Autism
BISC 3320Human Neurobiology
Advanced research lab
One course (4 credits) selected from the following:
PSYC 4106WResearch Lab in Sensation and Perception
or PSYC 4107W Research Lab in Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC 4107WResearch Lab in Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYC 4201WResearch Lab in Clinical/Community Psychology
or PSYC 4202W Research Lab in Applied Social Psychology
or PSYC 4203W Research Lab in Developmental Psychology
PSYC 4202WResearch Lab in Applied Social Psychology
PSYC 4203WResearch Lab in Developmental Psychology
Four elective Psychology (PSYC) courses (12 credits) numbered 2100 or above.
Two advanced breadth courses (6 credits) numbered 3000 or above from any of the following departments: ANTH, BISC, CSCI, DATS, PUBH, and SHLS.