Carol Sigelman

Carol Sigelman

Professor, Applied Social Psychology
Room 212
Address: 2125 G St NW
Washington, District Of Columbia
Phone: 202-994-8422
[email protected]


Current Research

Dr. Sigelman is a developmental psychologist with broad interests in life-span development and particular interests in the development of social cognition, stigmatization, and understanding of health issues in childhood and adolescence. She has conducted research on the development of negative perceptions of anyone who is different; children's intuitive theories of diseases, disorders, and drugs and the implications of their theories for perceptions and social acceptance of individuals with various conditions; and the implications of different approaches to treating problems for perceptions of the individuals being treated. She is also examining parent-child and spousal communication in military families separated by deployment and its implications for relationship quality and adjustment.


Ph.D. 1972, George Peabody College, in English and Psychology


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