Peg Barratt

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Peg Barratt

Professor, Applied Social Psychology



Email: Peg Barratt
Office Phone: (202) 994-6544
2013 H Street Room 517 Washington DC 20006


As a Fulbright Visiting Scholar to the Graduate Program in African and Asian Studies at Kyoto University in Japan, Prof. Barratt collected data about the choices that mothers of infants make.  For example, questions were included about infant feeding, playing, sleeping, and mother's return to work and school.  Of interest were the family, friend, and health care influences on mother's decisions in this particular cultural context. This research follows on a life long interest in the family and community contexts of infant development.  Prof. Barratt has examined parent-infant interactions in families with children with Down Syndrome, families with pre-term infants, and single mother families.  

Ph.D. Psychology University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1976